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Short Answer Version

There are many good reasons to believe. We will look at them in several general categories. They include Benefits Offered, Overwhelming Evidence, Needs Met, and other similar topics.

After reading about them, if you wish to delve deeper, you will find a large number of menu items at the bottom of this page.

There are so many good reasons and answers to why you should believe in Jesus, that they are impossible to count. But they are possible to experience with just a little faith.

Long Answer Version

We approach the question, ''Why Should I Believe in Jesus?'', from various angles customized to various individual concerns.

For example, is your main focal point analytical, emotional, intellectual, historical, scientific, cultural, or familial? Many avenues exist, some more atuned to a given individual than others.

We'll start with Benefits Offered, because it is the most fun. Next we will examine some sources of evidence external to the Bible and Christian literature. Other parts of this website will be devoted to more comprehensive topics like science or philosophy.

You will see links to each category at the end of each page for other questions you may have.

Category 1:

Benefits Offered.

The reasons to believe in Jesus start with these:

-His promises to believers
-His track record of fulfilling His
-Knowing Him
-He makes a really good friend
-Eternal life, inheriting God's aakingdom
New purpose and meaning
-He provides practical guidance and asolutions to your problems anda aissues
-Forgiveness of sins
-His presence, which combats aaloneliness and comforts us

The benefits of salvation also include many other blessings, like lifelong help from God, and royalty as a child of the most royal King. You will have an improved sense of identity and belonging that will lift your spirits.

New and great value is placed on you. You become a partaker of God's nature so to speak. When you spend time with Him, His nature rubs off on you somewhat.

Innumerable believers have attributed their high level of success to Him.

You are given availability to peace that passes all understanding. You are given a future and a hope. There is an immense sense of freedom that comes.

I could list a hundred more benefits, but I'll confine it to these:

You are set free from sin and emotional bondage. Your past sins are cleansed off of you, and your future sins are paid for. You can feel cleansed from present sins as well by confessing them to God, when you realize they have occurred, and turning back to Him.

Perhaps the most powerful reasons for believing are that He always loves you for who you are, and also sees your potential to grow more into your better self.

He provides spiritual power for you to overcome temptation, side with Him in spiritual light against the influences of spiritual darkness, turn away from harmful thinking patterns, experience freedom spiritually and emotionally, and be healed of past hurts.

I believe God is not limited to time, seeing that He created it. Therefore, right this second He can see The Future You.

He sees you living in the realization of your great potential during this lifetime, and shining with even greater potential eternally in His kingdom.

I have heard many people tell about miraculous things that Jesus did in their lives.

If I were to name the large number of wonderful things He has done so far in my life, it would bewilder you.

I realize it is intriguing to hear the juicy details of such a claim, but I would prefer to keep your mind on the main point.

It is that YOU can experience many positive and miraculous experiences in your own life when you believe in Jesus and put your trust in Him.

You will not experience them all in the beginning, but with time you will look back on your life and see He was there all along doing incredible things for you, starting with one of the greatest miracles of all: you becoming born again from His Spirit.

You get a new nature growing within you, kind of like a seed. It is full of joy, love, and peace. You can tap into all these things by seeking to be close to God, trusting Him, and living in His ways.

The popularity of self-improvement books, seminars, websites and videos indicate people, even those who are ''comfortable in their own skin'', want to become better. Believing in Jesus is the best way possible to improve yourself.

He can change your life for the positive in a better and more powerful way than any human teacher can.

One thing to remember is that God gives spiritual tools to those who believe in Jesus. So after you choose to believe in Him, use your tools! If you don't use them, they won't help you.

You can grow in the use of those tools, including faith, believing prayer, trust in God, teaming up with His Holy Spirit in you, and operating with confidence and authority to use your God-given talents and giftings. The Bible itself is a powerful spiritual tool, and is full of insight on how to use specific tools God gives.

The Gospel is Positive

When it comes to telling people why they should believe in Jesus as their Savior, it is pointless to resort to overblown negativity, such as scaring them about Hell, brow beating them, imposing peer pressure, arguing with them out of anger, deceptive sales tactics, or threatening to cut off their allowance (if they are your kids).

The gospel of Jesus Christ is 100% positive. We will soil it if we resort to rejecting it for anything less positive. We need not blind ourselves to the possible outcomes from refusing to believe in Jesus. People are by nature prudent to avoid danger. Understanding the good news results in safety, positivity, and a wonderful life. That is reason not to fear, but rather believe and enjoy.

There are many other benefits of becoming saved that I could list, but it is better for you to experience them yourself. He is calling you in a gentle way to come to Him and be saved.

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